Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

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Inbound marketing & Lead Generation – Kalyan Chandra from Kalyan Chandra Slides Summary :  Inbound marketing & Lead Generation – Kalyan Chandra 1. Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation P. Kalyan Chandra 1 2. Kalyan Chandra Digital Marketing Consultant & Speaker 2 3. What is Inbound Marketing ? Marketing is a widely used term to describe the communication […]

Digital Marketing & Brand Experience

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In the realm of brand involvement, the innovation that causes us to propel our stories is advancing dangerously fast. It appears like each week we catch wind of another gadget or application that guarantees to reform the business and open new ways to engagement. For advertisers, it’s a really great time to be alive. Be […]

Digital Marketing Trends, Techniques & Practices in 2017

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Content Marketing The accomplishment of content marketing is depending upon a blended pack of multiple factors like quality and content experience. It has given shoppers engaging, enlightening substance. It has additionally observed a considerable measure of hurried substance distributed in the race to grow content volumes. Both Facebook and YouTube have presented 360-degree video, and […]

Digital Marketing Career Opportunities 2017

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With advanced advertising spends guage to develop by over 25% of every 2017 and about 87% of brands in India utilizing the computerized medium, advanced showcasing has developed to end up plainly a standout amongst the most critical new livelihoods as of late. A Huge number of Institutes across India are offering Digital Marketing training […]