‘Fringe elements’ views: India clarifies Qatar on BJP leader’s statements against Prophet

On June 5, India informed Qatar that provocative remarks made against minority groups are not the views of the Government of India but rather those of fringe elements in India. “The Government of India treats all religions with the utmost respect since doing so is consistent with our rich cultural traditions and the strong cultural heritage that we have inherited from our civilizational ancestors. Those individuals who were responsible for offensive comments have already been subjected to severe repercussions “according to a statement released by a spokeswoman for the Indian Embassy in Qatar.

In the meantime, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) dismissed Naveen Kumar Jindal from his position as head of the media in Delhi and expelled Nupur Sharma from the primary membership of the party after it was reported that both of them made incendiary remarks against various minority groups. Sharma has expressed regret for her comment and stated that she had no intention of causing pain to any other person.

The following is what the spokesperson had to say in response to a question from the media about a statement that was issued by Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding an offensive tweet from India: “During a meeting that took place under the supervision of Ambassador Deepak Mittal in the Foreign Office, concerns were voiced regarding some offensive tweets that were sent out by individuals in India degrading the religious personality. The Ambassador emphasised that the views expressed in the tweets in no way represent those of the Indian government in any way, shape, or form. These are the opinions of people on the extreme edge.”

The representative continued by saying that “a statement has also been published by concerned quarters emphasising respect for all religions, rejecting insult to any religious personality or denigrating any religion or sect.”

The spokesperson continued by saying that people are being agitated by entrenched interests that are adverse to India-Qatar relations and that they have been making derogatory remarks.

According to the statement made by the spokesperson, “We should work together against such foolish groups who attempt to undercut the strength of our bilateral ties.”

Qatar is the first stop on a three-nation tour that also includes Senegal and Gabon for the Vice President of the BJP, Venkaiah Naidu, who has arrived in the country with a high-level team. This visit will last for four days. On Sunday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar contacted Dr. Deepak Mittal, India’s Ambassador to the country, and presented him with an official message expressing Qatar’s disappointment, as well as its absolute rejection and condemnation of the controversial remarks. The message was delivered over the phone.