House-to-house visit raises hope for increase in positive votes to YSRCP

The ruling YSR Congress party is giving top priority to creating a positive response to the government from the people through the ongoing Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam Contact Program. The party leadership feels that this will help it in retaining power in the state in the 2014 assembly elections.

The government is explaining the personal benefits they are getting from the government welfare schemes to every house. Facts are presented in a booklet on the three years of the YSRCP government’s welfare and development initiatives in Andhra Pradesh.

The government booklet state that 1.40 Crore families were benefiting from the welfare schemes out of the 1.67 crore families in the state.

The MLAs are listening to the problems of the people and are trying to resolve them.

Party leaders are giving a public ballot paper to every house with 50 questions on the development and welfare activities and also giving phone numbers to people to lodge complaints.

The MLAs promised the families to resolve the problems related to infrastructure etc with a 2 Crore INR special allocation made by the government to each MLA.

The principal opposition, TDP (Telugu Desam Party) started a counter program named “Baaduday Baadudu”, highlighting the failures of the ruling party.


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