Revanth Reddy is appointed as the new president of Telangana PCC

As per the official party announcement, Congress Party Chief Sonia Gandhi- Revanth Reddy is appointed as the new president of Telangana PCC, replacing Uttam Reddy. Revanth Reddy overwhelmed with party leaders’ decision, said that he would bring back the form of congress in Telangana by taking appropriate measures to keep up the spirits of Party Cheif.

The Party Officials also appoint five working Presidents and ten senior vice presidents. Former MP and Cricketer Md. Azharuddin is part of the working presidents, and others are J Geetha Reddy, M Anjan Kumar Yadav, T Jagga Reddy and B Mahesh Kumar Goud.

The list of 10 Senior Vice Presidents include

Javeed Ameer, Chandrashekhar Sambani,

Damodar Reddy,

Mallu Ravi,

Podem Veeraiah,

Kumar Rao T,

Suresh Shetakar,

Vem Narendra Reddy, Ramesh Mudiraj and Gopishetty Niranjan

Damodar C Rajanarasimha has been selected as chairman Election Management Committee.

As the current assembly ends on 16th January 2024, Congress Party leaders are setting up their strategy to fight the battle fully equipped and took crucial decisions in revamping the cadre and their strategy. It’s good to see Dynamic and Young leaders being part of the core committee after Telangana state formation. Congress could not impact state politics as TRS has been continuing with its winning spree.