Hyderabad – Ranga Reddy – Mahabubnagar Graduate mlc election results 2021

Hyderabad – Ranga Reddy – Mahabubnagar MLC Graduate Constituency 2021 – Elections Survey,  Predictions, Trends, Results & Analysis


hyderabad rangareddy mahabubnagar MLC Graduate Constituency 2021 – Elections Survey, Predictions, Trends & Analysis

  • Close fight & competition is between BJP’s Ramchander Rao & TRS’s Vaani Devi.
  • BJP candidate Ramchander Rao is likely to retain the vote share which he got in the previous MLC election.  But, we should remember how BJP rose in Greater Hyderabad in the last two years since the 2019 parliament elections. BJP’s performance in greater Hyderabad is a testimony.
  • Prof Nageswar is likely to get good pockets of vote share among urban areas and teachers who are from leftist & socialist backgrounds.
  • TRS has used all the available options in the final phase of the election. She rose from nowhere to a strong contender.
  • Congress Party’s Chenna Reddy is likely to get some good vote share in his native district Mahabubnagar.
  • BJP is leading in Central Hyderabad & other urban towns.
  • TRS is leading in rural areas.
  • Prof Nageswar, representing left parties, won twice in this constituency before 2014. But, the entire political equation changed now due to the sudden rise of BJP impact in the Greater Hyderabad region. This time, he is representing as an independent. He is going to get a good vote share but not sufficient enough to win.
  • Due to the higher vote share & preferential voting system, it is very tricky to predict the likely outcome in close fights.
  • Janasena Party President Pawan Kalyan made a sudden surprise by announcing support to Vaani Devi on the day of the election. His statement impact is negligible due to the wrong timing and last-minute decision.
  • We predict BJP candidate Ram Chander Rao has an edge with the advantage of preferential votes.