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Data from sample surveys are frequently used in the study of voting behavior. We need information on specific individuals in order to investigate the factors that influence how people vote. These particulars frequently include information on voting patterns, attitudes and beliefs, personal characteristics, and so on. Because it is impractical to collect this information for every electorate member, the conventional practice is to select a sample of the population and interview them. After being collected, survey data is typically processed and saved in a format that allows computer-assisted data analysis. This data analysis’s primary goals are to describe and explain trends in political opinion and electoral behavior.


Our team has immense experience in psephological research, analyzing the voting pattern among various socio-economic groups, castes & religions.  In order to balance the homogeneity of the blocks or booths within the constituency, we conduct election surveys in a structured manner, taking into account all demographic factors such as age, gender, locality, caste, religion, and linguistic parameters.We have a success rate of 80-85% in predicting accurate results.

Types of Surveys & Intelligence Reports

Constituency Level Research ( Pre Poll, Exit Poll & Post Poll analysis)

Booth Level Research

Telephonic surveys

Email Surveys

Social Analytics & Sentimental Analysis

Search Engine Trends & Keywords analysis of Emerging political issues and politicians

Reputation analysis of the Politicians

The competitive profiling of the Candidates & Aspirants

Social Media Intelligence & Bigdata  Insights understanding people’s mood & responsiveness to various socio-political developments


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