Twitter Marketing Consultant In India

Twitter Marketing Consultant – Hyderabad, India

Twitter has emerged as an influential platform in India.


   Twitter  Impact in branding, lead generation, sales, and political management – 3 Dimensions
Twitter Content Optimization Twitter Paid Campaigns Twitter Analytics & Social Media Intelligence
OrganicImproving Followers & Engagements through strategic content. It is for a long term strategy

Results are not instant

Takes time for consolidating the presence among potential audiences.

Paid / Micro Targeting/Niche Targeting using filters like Age, Gender, Location, Interest & Other customized combinations.Ex: Targeting a person who has belief on particular religion + specific political ideology


Results are instant



Free & Paid tools provide intelligent insights like age, gender, location, and other information related to the followers. Advanced social media analytics tools like Radian 6, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social provide services like the sentimental analysis.

The sentimental analysis gives the frequency of values like positive or negative or neutral analyzing huge amounts of information on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for various products and brands

Political parties, psephologists, and media analysts use these services for understanding the people perception and responsiveness during the general elections and contemporary political developments




Twitter Marketing services in India

  • Twitter Profile Management
  • Content Optimization in Twitter
  • Boosting engagements in Twitter
  • Twitter Paid campaigns
  • Lead Generation in Twitter
  • Online Reputation Management in Twitter
  • Content strategy in Twitter
  • B2B marketing
  • B2C marketing
  • Brand Awareness campaigns
  • Twitter profile management for Brands
  • Twitter profile management for politicians and political parties
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Location-Based Campaigns in Twitter
  • Micro Targeting in Twitter


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