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Wikipedia Page Creation Agency in India

Wikipedia, the world’s largest and most visited knowledge repository, has been around since 2001, with over 4 million pages on pretty much any topic you can think of. It’s not just a popular way to search for information; it’s also an opportunity to get your name out there as an expert in your field, or simply to share knowledge with the rest of the world. Here’s what you need to know about how to create Wikipedia pages, so you can start building up your profile today!

Wikipedia has become one of the most popular websites in the world today, but if you’re considering starting a page there, you might be wondering how to go about it. The wiki process for Wikipedia page creation may seem intimidating at first glance, but by following these steps and using some additional resources, you can get your article posted to the site with ease.

We have a team of quality Wikipedia content writers for the creation of Wikipedia pages for Brands or organizations or Influencers. Our content writers and the team have expertise in content research, identifying authentic references & links, drafting the content, proofreading & publishing the content on Wikipedia pages for brands or organizations or companies or influencers, or celebrities. In order to approve the content from Wikipedia, pages should maintain the Wikipedia content standards and editorial guidelines. Wikipedia page content should be embedded with proper citations and references from books, news portals, and authentic sources. We have updated top brands, influencers and politicians’ profiles on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia page creation agency

Why the Wikipedia page is essential for brand /organization/influencer /celebrity? 

  • Enhanced presence in online media
  • Increases online reputation and trust
  • People see Wikipedia page as a standard reference
  • Increases search engine exposure
  • Google will allocate an automatic knowledge panel based on the Wiki page.
  • Wikipedia Page creation price in India.Price completely depends upon the availability of news portal references and notability. Price varies from Rs. 30,000 to 3 lakh depending upon the nature of the profile.
Wikipedia Page Creation Process 
  • Creation of wiki page
  • Creation of content for a wiki page
  • Content proofreading by following editorial standards
  • Identifying the references links
  • Creation of reference links (if no references links found)
  • Embedding citations of reference links to the content
  • OFF page SEO for Wiki link
  • After OFF page SEO,  Google will generate a knowledge panel based on wiki profile
  • Claiming the knowledge panel
  • Managing Wiki page
  • Updates to Wiki Page with the latest news 

How to start Wiki Page creation With Kalyan Chandra

  • The client has to submit the details of brand/company/celebrity name and available news portal references
  • We will analyse by going the information and quality of news portal references
  • If there are fewer chances for approval, will drop the idea. 
  • If the chances are high for approval, we inform the clients and ask for the release of the 50% payment fee as advance
  • We start the work of writing the draft.
  • Once the draft is done, we will take approval from the client.                                                        
  • We create the page and wait for the admin approval.
  • Once the page is survived for more than a month. We ask clients to clear the remaining 50% amount

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