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Our experience and expertise lie in implementing the Marketo platform.

Our experience includes executing Marketo campaigns that support marketing efforts at the local, national, regional, and global levels. We partner with clients to touch billions of recipients and deliver customized campaigns. With a history of driving business outcomes and marketing goals for our clients, we are looking forward to the expansion.

We provide improved ROI, smart campaign design, program development, advanced lead management, and execution with intelligent use of Marketo.

We look forward to partner with you as our Marketo team excels in delivering measurable results by utilizing campaigns, marketing technology investments, and lead scoring. Our exceptional marketing funnel allows us to nurture your leads correctly to deliver qualified leads and engage prospects that will ultimately generate sales.


Marketo Automation 

  • Explain how marketing automation impacts the sales funnel
  • Identify key components of marketing automation in Marketo (e.g., engagement engine, database, targeting your audience, creating marketing programs)
  • Define buyer personas and how they enhance the effectiveness of marketing automation
  • Given a scenario, explain the benefits of creating a content marketing strategy that uses early, mid, and late-stage content
  • Describe the benefits of lead scoring

Section 2: Audience Targeting and Data Management

  • Explain how to gain insights into your audience and effectively target them
  • Given a scenario, explain how to target your audience using appropriate filtering techniques
  • Identify strategies that can be used to generate new leads
  • Explain how data is added to the Marketo database
  • Given a scenario, demonstrate the ability to align content that is relatable to your audience’s stage
  • Explain the definition of a marketable lead
  • Given a scenario, demonstrate how to market to your audience based on their lifecycle stage

Section 3: Email Marketing 

  • Given a scenario, demonstrate the ability to perform a scheduled email send
  • Demonstrate the ability to create a gated-content email program
  • Given a scenario, demonstrate the ability to create a triggered email based on a person’s web activity
  • Identify best practices for optimizing email deliverability
  • Demonstrate the ability to use operational and non-operational emails in the appropriate scenarios
  • Given a scenario, describe the options for using A/B testing to optimize your emails
  • Given a scenario, explain options for personalizing emails
  • Demonstrate ability to track and analyze email deliverability metrics

Section 4: Landing Pages

  • Define the types of landing pages available in Marketo and how they can be used
  • Identify best practices for creating engaging landing pages
  • Demonstrate ability to use the tools in the landing page editors
  • Given a scenario, explain options for personalizing landing pages
  • Identify methods for analyzing landing page performance
  • Given a scenario, describe how to use metadata to enhance search engine optimization

Section 5: Form Basics

  • Define forms and how they are used in online marketing
  • Identify best practices for using forms to capture lead data
  • Demonstrate the ability to build a simple form
  • Based on best practices, determine when to use local vs. global forms

Section 6: Analytics and Reporting

  • Describe the basic reports available in Marketo and what they measure
  • Explain how to set up marketing programs to measure desired outcome(s)

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