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Political consulting involves the strategic alignment of election campaign activities, conducting surveys, preparation of party manifesto, Political Intelligence, big data, and technology. Conducting an ambitious analysis and comprehensive assessment of various aspects during the election is the key to success. Some of these aspects include accumulating public opinions; perceiving the political developments, socio-economic changes in society, and the role of media.

The combination of political management and digital strategy is fundamental to the efficiency of political campaigns and to send a compelling message to the voters. We undertake advertising, polling, fundraising, and other efforts to support political campaigns. We are the best at what we do.

Political consulting firms offer a wide range of services to assist political candidates, parties, and advocacy groups in achieving their objectives. These firms specialize in providing strategic advice, data-driven insights, and campaign management services. Some of the common services offered by political consulting firms include:

  1. Campaign Strategy and Planning: Political consulting firms help candidates and organizations develop comprehensive campaign strategies. They analyze the political landscape, identify target audiences, and devise a roadmap for achieving campaign goals.
  2. Polling and Research: Firms conduct polls and surveys to gauge public opinion, assess voters’ attitudes, and track campaign progress. This data-driven approach helps in fine-tuning campaign messages and strategies.
  3. Message Development: Crafting the right message is crucial in politics. Political consulting firms work with candidates to develop compelling and persuasive messages that resonate with voters.
  4. Media and Advertising: Firms handle media and advertising campaigns, including TV, radio, print, and digital media. They create ad content, design media buys, and implement advertising strategies to reach the target audience effectively.
  5. Digital Strategy: In the digital age, online presence is vital for any political campaign. Political consulting firms develop digital strategies encompassing social media management, online fundraising, email marketing, and website optimization.
  6. Ground Operations: Firms organize and manage grassroots efforts, such as canvassing, phone banking, and volunteer coordination, to mobilize supporters and connect directly with voters.
  7. Fundraising Assistance: Consultants help candidates and organizations devise fundraising strategies, organize fundraising events, and build donor networks.
  8. Crisis Management: When faced with challenges or controversies, political consulting firms provide crisis management services to mitigate reputational damage and develop effective responses.
  9. Opposition Research: Consultants conduct research on opponents to identify weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities, aiding the candidate in preparing for debates and responding to attacks effectively.
  10. Public Relations and Media Training: Firms assist candidates in dealing with the media, conduct media training sessions, and help with press releases and media interactions.
  11. Candidate Branding and Image Consulting: Consultants work on enhancing the candidate’s image, improving likability, and establishing a strong personal brand.
  12. Grassroots Advocacy: Beyond campaigns, consulting firms also help advocacy groups with issue-based campaigns to influence public policy and garner support for specific causes.
  13. Legal Compliance: Political consulting firms guide candidates and organizations through complex legal requirements, ensuring compliance with campaign finance laws and regulations.

It’s important to note that the specific services offered by political consulting firms can vary depending on their expertise and the specific needs of their clients. The ultimate goal is to provide strategic guidance and support to help political clients achieve their objectives and succeed in their campaigns or advocacy efforts.

Listed below are the political management services that we provide from our firm.

Political Strategy & Management
Political PR
Analytics & Political Intelligence
Election Campaign Management
Political Analysis & Reporting
Big Data & Voters Information Management
Political Advisory Services
Digital Media Management
Public Relations
Press & Media Management
Political Party Registration
Elections Surveys (Pre Poll, Exit poll & Post Poll)

top political consulting firm in india


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