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Social Media Marketing is the most popular trend in digital marketing and virtual space. With the growing popularity and a massive increase in Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts, companies realized the importance of social media strategy in promotions and brand management.

Social Media revolutionized the nature & scope of digital marketing amid unprecedented and active participation of people in social media channels like Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin. The feedback system has been socialized with the advent of social revolution across virtual space. In Social Media, people can express and share their views and opinions regarding products, services, and the latest industry happenings. Social media enables two-fold communication, from the seller to buyer and vice versa.


   Social Media Impact in branding, lead generation & sales – 3 Dimensions
Social Media Optimization Social Media campaigns Social Media Analytics & Business Intelligence
Organic Improving Followers & Engagements through the strategic content

Suitable for a long term strategy

Results are not instant

Takes time for consolidating the presence among potential audiences.

PaidMicro Targeting/Niche Targeting using filters like Age, Gender, Location, Interest & Other customized combinations.

Ex: Targeting a person who has belief in particular religion + specific political ideology


Results are instant



Free & Paid tools provide intelligent insights like age, gender, location, and other information related to the followers.

Advanced social media analytics tools like Radian 6, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social provide services like sentimental analysis.

The sentimental analysis gives the frequency of values like positive or negative or neutral analyzing huge amounts of information on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for various products and brands



We have a deep understanding of the effective utilization of social media for branding and lead generation.

Interesting conversations and meaningful updates on products and services enhance brand visibility and identity in Social Media. Our team, with experienced and qualified digital marketing analysts, develops social media solutions by doing in-depth analysis and research on the client’s presence across popular social media networks.


Social Media Marketing Services 

  • Facebook Campaigns
  • Twitter Campaigns
  • Youtube Campaigns
  • Instagram Campaigns
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Social Media Intelligence
  • Sentimental Analysis
  • Social Media Audits
  • Indian Celebrity Social Media Management
  • Indian Politicians Social Media Management
  • Indian Election Campaign Management in Social Media
  • B2B Marketing in Social Media
  • Online Reputation Management in Social Media
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Brand Awareness Strategy
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Drafting Social Media Content Strategy
  • Online Reputation Management in Social Media
  • Micro Targeting Campaigns in Facebook & Twitter
  • Streaming Video Ads on Facebook & Twitter


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