Digital Marketing for Political Campaigns in India

Digital marketing for political-election campaigns in India

With over 560 million netizens, India is the second-largest internet populated country just after China. The Indian internet population is likely to reach 650 million figure by 2023. The massive penetration of smartphones is another reason why Politicians should concentrate on Digital  Marketing for Elections & Political Campaign Management.

Why Politicians Should concentrate Digital Marketing & Analytics?

450 million smartphone users
336 million Facebook users
17 million Twitter users
100 million Instagram users
308 million Youtube Users
The high concentration of Digital Literacy

Preferable Digital Marketing Platforms/Techniques for Political Campaign Management


The main advantage of the website is the huge number of voters searching for candidate names on google. Through the website, traffic can be diverted from the search engine. Voters can get complete information about the candidate views on emerging political development & event gallery. We can also track visitors’ information like location, age, gender, and other details.

Social Media:

Politicians should be active in all the popular social media networks. They have to do continuous updates about their activities, views, and counters to competitors in social media. The popular social media networks in India are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram. Though WhatsApp is not considered as a Social Media, it is aiding social media strategy through content sharing in party sympathizers groups.

Analytics :

There are different types of analytics that can be used in political campaign management.

a) Search Analytics
b) Web Analytics
c) Social Media Analytics
d) SMS & Mobile Analytics
e) Paid Campaign Analytics.

Big Data & Analytics give crucial insights into how the campaigns are working and how the voters are responding to the candidate views on various issues. We can get complete information about various dimensions of audience age, location, browser & content engagement rates.

Paid Campaigns

Paid campaigns can be initiated in the following networks.

a) Google Display Campaigns
b) Youtube Campaigns
c)Facebook Campaigns
d)Instagram campaigns
e)Mobile App Campaigns
f) Location-Based Targeting (Geo-Fencing)
g) Remarketing / Retargeting
h)Email Campaigns
i) SMS Campaigns
j) Publishing ads in specific news portals/app.

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