Location Based Marketing & Advertising Consultant in India

location based marketing advertising consultant in india


Why Organisation and Brands prefer Location-Based marketing

People’s excessive dependence on smartphones with an embedded location tracking facility causes a huge potential for location-based marketing across the globe. India, being a second-most internet populated country in the world, has ample opportunities for marketing consultants for running the location-based marketing using geofencing, virtual perimeter, and web beacons.

Location-based marketing is quintessential for Companies and brands which are exploring for the possibility for omnichannel marketing, where marketing departments work to promote both the eCommerce portal and local retail outlets.

Location-Based Marketing  Services

  • Location-Based / Local SEO
  • Location-Based Facebook campaigns
  • Location-Based Twitter Campaigns
  • Location-Based Youtube Campaigns
  • Campaigns based on Geo-Fencing / Virtual Perimeters
  • Micro Targeting in specified location using virtual perimeters
  • Streaming Video Ads in Targeted locations
  • Web Beacons
  • Location-based SMS Campaigns
  • Multi-Lingual SEO using location-based targeting
  • Multi-location Ad Campaigns
  • Location-Based ADS for premium
  • Location-Based Advertising for Politicians/Political campaigns
  • Location-based election campaigns using Micro Targeting
  • Location-based audience analysis using Advanced Analytics & Insights
  • Location-based market potentiality research for companies and brands
  • Location-based Industry analysis for companies
  • Location-based competitive research analysis and reports for companies and brands