Political Strategy Consulting Course

Political strategy consulting course in India

India, a subcontinent, with a diverse cultural proposition like a huge number of caste, religion, linguistics, and different kind of political ideologies (like left, right, and conservative with a frequency of moderate and aggressive) cause a tricky situation for managing political communication, people management, and political crisis. In India, strategy differs from state to state and election to election (like parliament elections vs assembly elections vs local body elections).

2014 Indian parliement election heralded the bengining of Professional Political Consults involvement in Indian elections. There are more than 50 popular political cinsulting firms are active in India. People with journalism, marketing, advertising & analytics background are exploring the opportunities of Political Consulting. 

Political Leadership Training is suitable for the persons who are seeking a career in Political Movements, Mainstream Politics & Pressure Group Management like NGOs, Labour Movements, Caste Empowerment & Religious Movements.

Course & Syllabus Overview

Group A 

  • Introduction to Indian Culture
  • Introduction to Indian History & Politics.
  • Introduction to Indian Constitution & Governance
  • Introduction to Indian Economy & Financial Institutions

Group B

  • Introduction to Indian Political Thought
  • Indian Election System & Dynamics
  • Political Campaign strategy
  • Media Management in Election Campaigns
  • Election Surveys and Process
  • Public Relations Management
  • Booth Level Strategy
  • Analytics & Political Intelligence


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