Marketo Training in Bangalore

Marketo Training & Certification in Bangalore 


Section 1: Marketing Automation Fundamentals

  • Define marketing automation
  • Explain how marketing automation impacts the sales funnel
  • Identify key components of marketing automation in Marketo (e.g., engagement engine, database, targeting your audience, creating marketing programs)
  • Define buyer personas and how they enhance the effectiveness of marketing automation
  • Given a scenario, explain the benefits of creating a content marketing strategy that uses early, mid, and late-stage content
  • Describe the benefits of lead scoring

Section 2: Audience Targeting and Data Management

  • Explain how to gain insights into your audience and effectively target them
  • Given a scenario, explain how to target your audience using appropriate filtering techniques
  • Identify strategies that can be used to generate new leads
  • Explain how data is added to the Marketo database
  • Given a scenario, demonstrate the ability to align content that is relatable to your audience’s stage
  • Explain the definition of a marketable lead
  • Given a scenario, demonstrate how to market to your audience based on their lifecycle stage

Section 3: Email Marketing Fundamentals 

  • Given a scenario, demonstrate the ability to perform a scheduled email send
  • Demonstrate the ability to create a gated-content email program
  • Given a scenario, demonstrate the ability to create a triggered email based on a person’s web activity
  • Identify best practices for optimizing email deliverability
  • Demonstrate the ability to use operational and non-operational emails in the appropriate scenarios
  • Given a scenario, describe the options for using A/B testing to optimize your emails
  • Given a scenario, explain options for personalizing emails
  • Demonstrate ability to track and analyze email deliverability metrics

Section 4: Landing Pages

  • Define the types of landing pages available in Marketo and how they can be used
  • Identify best practices for creating engaging landing pages
  • Demonstrate ability to use the tools in the landing page editors
  • Given a scenario, explain options for personalizing landing pages
  • Identify methods for analyzing landing page performance
  • Given a scenario, describe how to use metadata to enhance search engine optimization

Section 5: Form Basics

  • Define forms and how they are used in online marketing
  • Identify best practices for using forms to capture lead data
  • Demonstrate the ability to build a simple form
  • Based on best practices, determine when to use local vs. global forms

Section 6: Analytics and Reporting

  • Describe the basic reports available in Marketo and what they measure
  • Explain how to set up marketing programs to measure desired outcome(s)

Section 7: Events and Webinars 

  • Demonstrate the ability to update My Tokens in Marketo
  • Given a scenario, demonstrate your knowledge of when to use the event program type
  • Understand channels and statuses available for event programs
  • Demonstrate the ability to connect a Marketo event program to a LaunchPoint partner event (webinar provider)

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