Political Strategy Consultant in Uttar Pradesh

Political Strategy Consultant in Uttar Pradesh

Political Consulting refers promotion of political parties or individual contestants in elections like national, state, or local.

Popular election campaign activities include conducting pre-poll & post-poll surveys, social media management of political parties and contestants, booth level management using digital technologies. The 360 degree campaign approach, including traditional & digital media, is an emerging dimension in contemporary elections.

The unique blend of political strategies and technology-driven media is key for the success of political campaigns in order to send a compelling political message to the audience. We undertake advertising, polling & social media optimization as part of campaign management.

Listed below are the political management services that we provide for Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly Elections 2022.

Political Strategy & Management
Analytics & Political Intelligence
Election Campaign Management
Political Analysis & Reporting
Big data & Voters Information Management
Political Advisory Services
Digital Media Management
Public Relations
Press & Media Management
Political Party Registration
Elections Surveys (Pre Poll, Exit poll & Post Poll)

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We have a strong network of the best campaign strategists and top political consultants all over Uttar Pradesh. Establishing Party/Candidate mission, learning about the voter segments, fixing and following a budget, selecting the proper mediums for reaching voters, targeting the voters’ involvement in campaigning, conducting political surveys, undertaking feedback management, determining the requisite resources and partnerships, as well as intelligent advertising, are some of the activities initiated by us for successful political campaigns.