PM Modi Envisions India among Top 3 Global Economies in his Third Term

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at the inauguration of Delhi’s renovated Pragati Maidan radiated optimism about India’s future growth. He shared his vision to elevate the nation to one of the top three global economies. The event celebrated the country’s evolving infrastructure and highlighted significant achievements, including the world’s highest rail bridge, the longest tunnel at the highest altitude, and prominent landmarks such as the highest motorable road, largest stadium, and statue – all of which are located within India’s borders.

In his address, Modi expressed his commitment to aligning economic growth with the nation’s aspirations. He emphasized the transformative journey India has embarked upon under his leadership. From ranking 10th in the global economy during his first term, the country has advanced to the fifth position in his second term. With determination, he pledged that in a potential third term, India would proudly stand among the top three economies worldwide.

The “Bharat Mandapam,” now the International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre, served as a backdrop for PM Modi’s comparison of the remarkable achievements of the last nine years with the cumulative progress achieved in the six decades since Independence. He specifically highlighted substantial improvements in electrifying rail lines, expanding metro networks, constructing village roads, and enhancing airport capacity throughout the nation.

While celebrating the nation’s accomplishments, the Prime Minister addressed the opposition’s concerns. He acknowledged attempts made by some individuals to hinder the development of the Bharat Mandapam project. However, he expressed confidence that over time, even those opposing the project might participate in lectures or events held at the venue, suggesting that progress and achievements can foster unity.

In a forward-looking and inclusive approach, Prime Minister Modi’s speech primarily focused on India’s developmental milestones, devoid of any explicit political undertones. The inauguration event provided a platform to inspire the nation, instill hope for a brighter future, and showcase India’s growing prominence on the global stage.