11 candidates file nomination papers for 2022 presidential election; one is rejected.

Eleven candidates submitted their applications on the first day of nomination filing for the upcoming presidential election. The application of one of them was turned down because it lacked the appropriate documentation, as stated by the sources. The nomination period for the presidential election will end on June 29, and the election itself will take place on July 18.

The notification calling electors to fill the country’s highest constitutional post was issued on Wednesday, marking the beginning of the nomination process for the position. Lalu Prasad Yadav of Saran, Bihar, was reportedly one of the individuals who submitted paperwork, as indicated by sources within the parliamentary institution. Because the person who submitted the nomination for one of the candidates did not include an attached certified copy of their name appearing on the most recent electoral roll for the parliamentary constituency in which the candidate is registered as an elector, the nomination was not accepted.

Wednesday was the deadline for Delhi, Maharashtra, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh candidates to submit their nomination papers. A nomination paper for an election candidate has to be made in the prescribed format and signed by at least 50 electors as proposers and at least 50 electors as seconders. This is required for the nomination paper to be considered valid.

In addition, participants in the election are required to submit a security deposit of Rs 15,000.