Constituency wise Manifestos to be unveiled in Karnataka elections

Bengaluru state capital has 28 assembly constituencies, with nearly 20% of the total voting population of the state residing here. the members of three parties- the BJP, Congress and JDS  are actively engaged in drafting the manifesto, say that information and data gathering been underway for 3 months.

Before 2013 state election, the ruling congress had released a 18- point agenda for Bengaluru. The vice-chairman of the Congress manifesto committee B L Shankar, said the party is prioritising issues of Bengaluru in consultation with stakeholders in each issue.

The vice chairman Shankar said that, they had over 15 meetings with stakeholders, town planners to IT professionals, elected representatives and water management experts. The congress announcing a general manifesto will also bring out district-specific manifestos which includes one of Bengaluru urban comprising the Bruhut Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike.

The BJP is developing constituency manifestos, the city will not have an umbrella manifesto, but a separate agenda for each of its 28 constituencies.

The former bureaucrat Madan Gopal, one of the members of BJP’s manifesto committee said that, each constituency will have a separate manifesto as the problems of each constituency are different. Like that there will be one general manifesto for Bengaluru state to handle it’s related components.

Former bureaucrat S Subramanya said, before announcing any project for city manifesto committee should keep three issues in mind: they are technically efficient, allocatively efficient and cost effective. He said that, to make realistic assurances considering the budget and resource constraint the city faces.

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