Digital Marketing Trends, Techniques & Practices in 2017

Content Marketing

The accomplishment of content marketing is depending upon a blended pack of multiple factors like quality and content experience. It has given shoppers engaging, enlightening substance. It has additionally observed a considerable measure of hurried substance distributed in the race to grow content volumes.
Both Facebook and YouTube have presented 360-degree video, and a few brands have as of now started trying different things with the arrangement for an intriguing, creative and user engagement experience.
FB Live
Live video has all of a sudden emerged into the top branding and marketing practices. Presently, Twitter (through Periscope), Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have all discharged live video offerings also.
A number of these systems are advancing their live video vigorously, and it’s something that will emerge in the immersed universe of substance, so we can see a lot of reasons why brands would need to get into FB Live and others.
Big Data
The 3Vs of Big Data indicate why this is a Bigdata is chosen by numerous organizations, who have encountered the expansion in volume, analyzed how this information helps in their business through personalization on websites content, email marketing, online advertising campaigns and various aspects of analytics and business intelligence.
It’s likewise firmly tied into machine realizing where Big Data is mined to distinguish penchant to change over given diverse client attributes and conduct.
Big data can be used for multiple purposes, of them customized content, customized client experience, and targeting niche is popular. E-commerce portals have been using various algorithms for projecting relevant products and services in e-commerce portals and marketplaces. This level of balanced showcasing will gradually turn out to be more pervasive as brands measure opportunity and cost and discover methods for sending the right message to the right customer. But on a higher level, it simply becomes unpragmatic without the help of tech like CRM which companies like Salesforce promulgate.
Mobile marketing
Mobile Marketing has emerged as one of the hottest trends of marketing. Organizations already started concentrating on mobile friendly websites, Accelerated mobile pages, SMS marketing and location-based marketing using the device and mobile network targeting, mobile apps, and other GPS enabled services.
The Internet of Things
The huge number of devices are going to connect to the internet enabling GPS and location based services. Researchers predict fridge, cars, planes and various transport vehicles are going to be connected to the internet and hence hybrid model of transport surveillance may happen. This is going to impact the theme of supply chain management and other marketing aspects.
Social CRM
Organizations have been using social CRMs like Hubspot, Marketo, Sprout Social and HootSuite for centralized monitoring and management of social media strategies and content sharing platforms.