Dubbak By Election Pre Poll Analysis

dubbaka - dubbak assembly constituency pre poll survey results by election

Why the By-Election is very tough for Congress & BJP 

  • 2019 election booth wise results give crucial insights into why this election is very tough for opposition parties Congress & BJP.
  • TRS performed very well in the 2019 elections by keeping stronghold in 257 booths.
  • BJP shows some impact in the Narsingi division of Dubbak.
  • Congress party performance was limited to just 60 booths where it got 2nd position.
  • There were almost 50-60 booths where the margin between BJP and Congress was narrow.
  • In 2019, Raghu Nandan Rao has contested as an MP candidate from the Medak MP constituency. Dubbak is also a part of the same Medak parliament constituency.
  • He secured 29546 votes from the same division. However, in the 2018 dubbak assembly elections, he got 3rd position with 22, 595 votes.
  • Usually, the ruling party performs very well in by-elections. Kurnool by-election in Andhra Pradesh state is a perfect case study to be analyzed where the results were reversed in the 2019 assembly elections.
  • The combined vote share of BJP + Congress never crossed 36% since 2014.
  • The combined vote share of BJP + Congress never crossed 30% in the last ( 2018 MP, 2018 assembly & 2019 MP) three elections.
  • Most likely, 2019 results to be replicated with minor changes in vote sharing between BJP & Congress.
  • Our analysis has based on in-depth research on various election results of the Dubbak division since 2014. We affirm that we did not do any field-level research.


Parties Performance in Dubbak Boothwise – 2019 election results 

Parties 2019
1st position 2nd position 3rd position
TRS 257 4 0
Congress 0 60 201
BJP 4 197  60


Dubbak/Dubbaka segment results – 2019 parliament elections


Article Last Updated: September 20th, 2020