NDA’s Grand Meeting Unites 38 Parties, Nadda Slams Opposition Meeting as “Selfish and Insignificant”

Amidst the political landscape, a significant day unfolds with contrasting meetings being held in different two parts of the country on July 18th. While opposition parties gather in Bengaluru to strategize for the upcoming 2024 elections, the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) convenes in Delhi to define its mission statement for the Lok Sabha polls.

Addressing the press conference at the party headquarters, BJP chief J.P. Nadda disclosed that 38 parties have already confirmed their participation, with expectations of more joining the NDA meeting. This event takes place as the NDA celebrates 25 years since its establishment, marking a milestone in its journey.

Maintaining an air of secrecy, the BJP has chosen to keep the participation list undisclosed until the meeting itself. Nadda emphasized that the NDA’s influence and reach have expanded, thanks to their unwavering commitment to a development-oriented agenda. National security, international engagement, and good governance have emerged as key factors in their endeavors. Nadda expressed pride in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership and highlighted the tangible benefits that have positively impacted the lives of the people.

Taking a swipe at the opposition, Nadda characterized them as a disparate collection of parties lacking leadership, coherent policies, convictions, and decision-making power. He dismissed their gathering as merely a photo opportunity, pointing out that many of these parties were embroiled in corruption scandals during the UPA regime, leading to significant financial losses.

Highlighting the BJP’s adherence to ideological convictions, Nadda welcomed those who align with their principles to join the NDA alliance. In response to questions about parties previously accused of corruption, Nadda reiterated that the law would take its course. He emphasized that the BJP operates within a strong ideological framework, inviting like-minded individuals and parties to join forces for a greater cause.

Addressing the issue of parties that have previously broken away from the NDA and now seek to reunite, Nadda acknowledged the dynamism of the BJP’s strategy. He stated that what may be considered wrong today could be deemed right tomorrow, reflecting their openness to evolving circumstances.

Regarding the opposition’s choice of candidate against Prime Minister Modi, Nadda displayed confidence, stating that the BJP does not focus on exploiting others’ weaknesses. Instead, they rely on their own strengths and take corrective measures in the face of electoral setbacks.

Nadda concluded by enumerating the significant steps taken by the Modi government to uplift various sections of society. Through initiatives such as direct benefit transfers, a staggering amount of Rs 28 lakh crore has been disbursed directly into the accounts of beneficiaries, curbing leakage of Rs 5 lakh crore. These efforts, catering to rural communities, marginalized groups, farmers, youth, Dalits, and women, have fostered trust in the NDA.

As the meetings in Bengaluru and Delhi unfold, the political landscape braces itself for the ensuing developments that will shape the path leading to the Lok Sabha polls of 2024.