Pawan Kalyan Strongly Condemns Jagan’s alleged Rushikonda Destruction in Vizag Amid Police Curbs and Intense Drama

Jana Sena Party (JSP) President K. Pawan Kalyan accused Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy of flagrantly violating environmental norms by damaging Rushikonda Hill during his recent visit. Pawan Kalyan criticized the government for pursuing large-scale violations in Rushikonda while penalizing minor offenses by individuals, highlighting the inconsistency.

Pawan Kalyan emphasized that a Chief Minister, responsible for upholding the law, was himself breaking it in Andhra Pradesh. He urged citizens, particularly those from Uttarandhra, to recognize these violations and realize that electing such representatives leads to the exploitation of public and private assets. He lamented the destruction of Rushikonda Hill, which had protected villages from cyclones for centuries, contradicting the government’s claim of minor infractions.

Regarding the State government’s classification of constructions at Rushikonda as government buildings, Pawan Kalyan questioned the definition of a government building and humorously speculated if the Chief Minister wanted a scenic view akin to the beach from Rushikonda.

Pawan Kalyan criticized the Chief Minister’s concept of establishing three capitals, suggesting that the Chief Minister lacked the capability to build even one capital effectively.

Indirectly referencing past land-grabbing issues during the tenure of former Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, Pawan Kalyan drew parallels with the present situation, suggesting that the same pattern was repeating in the Uttarandhra region under the current administration.

Pawan Kalyan’s visit to Rushikonda was marked by dramatic events and police restrictions. The JSP’s request for permission was initially delayed, but eventually granted with various conditions. Police limitations included a convoy of only seven vehicles for Pawan Kalyan, restrictions on his movement during the visit, and the prohibition of bike rallies due to traffic concerns and public inconvenience.

Extensive police presence and barricades were deployed along the route, preventing bike rallies and crowd interaction with the JSP chief.