Tathagata Roy expressed sadness about the suspension of Nupur Sharma.

Nupur Sharma, the BJP’s spokesperson, and Naveen Kumar Jindal, who was in charge of media relations in Delhi, were both kicked out of the party on Sunday after they were accused of making provocative remarks about the Prophet Muhammad.

On Monday, Bengal BJP leader Tathagata Roy, who formerly held the position of governor of Tripura, expressed his “sadness” at what he referred to as the “abuse” of party spokeswoman Nupur Sharma. Roy stated that he is just an “ordinary member and supporter of the BJP” and that he has “nothing to fear or anticipate” from the party. He also mentioned that he is a member of the BJP. “I have recently joined the BJP as a supporter and an ordinary member. Still. As a result, I have nothing to worry about or anticipate from the BJP. The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) is the political organisation that most closely aligns with my beliefs on issues of ideology, religion, politics, and leadership. Having said that, I am distressed by the manner in which Nupur Sharma was treated,” he remarked on Twitter.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has removed its head of media in Delhi, Naveen Kumar Jindal, and suspended its spokesman, Nupur Sharma after the two were accused of making inflammatory remarks against the Prophet Muhammad, which have resulted in widespread demonstrations and criticism.

During a television news debate show in which the topic of the Gyanvapi Mosque was being discussed in Varanasi, Sharma made controversial comments against the Prophet. Her comments were also responsible for the deadly confrontations that broke out in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, on Friday.

The statements made by the spokesman for the BJP have prompted a backlash from users on Twitter in West Asian countries, including Kuwait, Iran, and Qatar, who have advocated a boycott of products that are manufactured in India in response to the speaker’s remarks.

In the meantime, Nupur Sharma offered an apology for her remarks on Sunday, which came a short time after she was suspended from the BJP. Sharma wrote in a tweet in Hindi that she “could not bear the continuous insults hurled about Lord Shiva and I uttered certain things in wrath.” She added that her goal was “not to hurt anyone,” and that she had “no intention” of doing so.