Telangana Municipal Elections 2020 Voting Share, Data Analytics & Insights


  1. Congress lost 7% vote share from last assembly & Parliament elections. 
  2. TRS vote share increased at 2% with 43% but still it is lagging behind assembly elections vote share 47%.
  3. MIM vote share increased at 2% by showing decent performance in districts like Nizamabad, Adilabad & Karimnagar. 
  4. BJP secured 30-40% vote share in 4 municipalities. 
  5. BJP secured 20-30% vote share in 14 municipalities. 
  6. BJP secured 10-20% vote share in 40 municipalities. 
  7. This is the first time BJP is witnessing ward member representation in 30-40 municipalities. 
  8. BJP performed well in the districts of Ranga Reddy, Nizamabad, Karimnagar & Adilabad comparing to Warangal, Nalgonda & Khammam. 
  9. Congress performance is consistent across Telangana. 
  10. BJP performed well in General Category seats than reserved seats. 
  11. This is a very crucial insight which showcases how BJP is unable to attract vote share from Scheduled castes.