Bandi Sanjay Launches 34,000 booth-level BJP Panels

The Telangana BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) soon will have in place 6.8 lakh members. They will take its message for a “change in the state government” as the party prepares for a long haul to take on the TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samiti) in the upcoming assembly elections.

On Wednesday, Telangana state BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar formally launched a program to set up 34000 booth committees in the state.

Two such committees were finalized in the Vemulavada Assembly constituency.

Sanjay said each booth committee will have 20 members, adding that once all of them are in place, the party will have about 6.8 lakh active members.

The BJP is further building itself after emerging as an alternative to the TRS party in Telangana.

Sanjay said only voters from the respective booth communities are eligible as members.

He also said BJP will set up ‘Panna (page) committees’ with party workers responsible to reach out to voters mentioned on the two pages of each booth level voters list.

Bandi Sanjay said that once all the booth committees are set up, the party is planning to invite PM Narendra Modi to the Telangana state.