Pegasus Snooping : NSOs Spyware succesfully infected High Profile celebrities

According to Amnesty International, the NSO Group successfully hacked Apple’s iPhones, which are widely regarded as the safest in the world by Israel.

Amnesty Tech’s deputy director, Danna Ingleton, stated

“According to a report from 50,000 telephone numbers hacked using Pegasus spyware, the Apple Group is proud of its privacy and security features, but the NSO Group has ripped these apart. Our forensic investigation revealed that NSO spyware successfully infected iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models via iMessage null-click attachments. Thousands of iPhones must have been compromised.”

According to Amnesty International, a number of journalists, politicians, human rights lawyers, and businessmen around the world are at risk of being tracked and used for their whereabouts.

According to Ingleton, everyone is threatened, and the Pegasus Snooping controversy is a global concern because even technology actors, such as Apple, are not prepared to deal with the massive scale of surveillance.

Forbidden Geschichten, a non-profit French media company, and Amnesty International, the Pegasus spyware was sniffed or potentially targeted by 50,000 phone numbers belonging to heads of state, activists, and journalists, including Jamal Khashoggi’s family.

However, unlike iPhones, their operating systems do not keep logs that can be accessed by the Pegasus Spyware Infection detection. Thousands of Google Android phones were also targeted. According to Amnesty International, among the successfully infected Apple products were the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models, which were recently updated and thought to be highly secure.