BSP’s Grand Plans To Woo Brahmins & Farmers Vote Bank. 

Mayawati, the leader of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), announced on Sunday that the party would launch a campaign to reach the state’s Brahman electorate in the run-up to the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections next year.

At the press conference, the BSP Chief stated that “a campaign to reawaken the Brahmin community would begin from Ayodhya on July 23 under the leadership of BSP Secretary-General Satish Chandra Mishra.” After the government is formed, the BSP will protect the dignity and interests of the Brahmins.

The Brahmin Campaign could prove out to be the masterstroke for BSP

Mayawati’s brahmin campaign was cited as a key factor in her success in the 2007 state parliamentary election.

She slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party’s ruling government, claiming that after the 2017 assembly elections, she was “harmful and exploiting the community.”

“The BJP formed the government with Brahmin support, but instead of working for the community’s welfare, it committed atrocities against him. They were harassed and exploited, and they repented of their BJP support “She stated.

She also praised the Dalit community for “not falling into the trap” that the BJP and other rival parties had. The BJP organized a ‘khichadi‘ feast for its leaders, along with Dalit community members, as well as a raid yatra to gain Dalit support during the 2017 assembly elections. “I am proud of the Dalit community’s unwavering support for the BSP,” the BSP chief stated

Mayawati targeting farmers votes

Mayawati expressed his support for farmers by stating that during the monsoon session of this Parliament, which began on July 19, the BSP MPs raised their voices in support of farmers and demanded the repeal of three farmer laws. “It’s extremely sad that the Centre has nothing to do with farmers protesting the three farmer laws. In Parliament, pressure must be applied to the Centre.”