Popular OFF Page SEO Techniques in 2018

  1. Google Business Map : Google Business Map is one of the powerful offpage techniques which drives good amount of traffic to website.
  2. Classifieds : Classifieds in popular business portals  help websites to get a very good position in search engines.
  3. Social Bookmarking : The main advantage of social bookmarking is it helps content reach, traffic and social links.
  4. Answers : Answers in popular websites like quora and yahoo answers is one of the popular content strategy techniques.
  5. Business listing in Yellow Pages & local search engines are also one of the crucial off page activities.
  6. Video Submission : Submission of videos in popular sites enhance good traffic to websites.
  7. Twitter, Facebook & Instagram hash tags : Hashtags are one of the most effective strategies for long tail marketing and viral marketing for promoting brands.
  8. Image sharing in popular image sharing sites like Pinterest & Instagram.
  9. Document sharing in sites like Slideshare & Scribd.
  10. Podcasts in portals like Souncloud.com.

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