All 24 Ministers of Andhra Pradesh Cabinet Resign Ahead of Major Rejig

All 24 ministers of the Andhra Pradesh state cabinet submitted their resignations to the CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy ahead of the mega overhaul of the Council of Ministers scheduled for 11th April.

On Thursday, 7th April, the outgoing ministers put in their papers at a Cabinet meeting, official forces said. They remained in their posts for 34 months.

As per the sources, one or two ministers from the old team may be retained. The ministers have been underlying that their mass resignation is not a reflection of their performance as ministers but a pre-determined decision by Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy to allow other lawmakers to serve in the state Cabinet.

The proposed rejig and the mass resignation comes soon after the state government redrew the districts by creating 13 new districts on 2nd April and with this, the districts in the state became 26.

The reconstitution of the Cabinet is likely to allow the chief minister to give representation to the newly formed districts by taking caste, religion, region, and gender into consideration.

By dropping MLAs who had served as ministers so far, the CM is also of the view that any anti-incumbency developed against his government can gets erased ahead of the 2024 assembly elections.

This is the second time in Andhra Pradesh’s history that an entire cabinet is resigning mid-way.