Gajwel Assembly Constituency – Insights & Trends


Gajwel assembly  constituency used to be a strong centre  for TDP & INC. However, situations have been changed in 2014, when KCR was decided to contest from Gajwel.


The total number of voters is 2.27 lakhs approx.



Party Candidate 2014 % 2009 %
TRS Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao 86,669 44.42
TDP Pratap Reddy Vanteru /TDP 67,303 34.48 67268 37.98
INC Tumkunta Narsa Reddy 34,085 17.46 74098 42.04
Majority 19,391
Turnout 1,95,167 85.85
TRS gain from INC Swing


KCR has contested from this constituency in 2014, which changed the political equations of the constituency by keeping congress in 3rd position.


Revolutionary Telugu balladeer Gaddar has expressed his desire to contest against KCR from Gajwel. However, as per latest inputs, Congress is likely field Pratap Reddy Vanter, who recently shifted to congress.


Pratap Redddy Vanter said to media  that both the Congress and TDP  have 1.3 lakh votes from this constituency. We cannot rely on Reddy statement as most of the TDP cadre already migrated to TRS in the last 4 years.

Media is publishing news items claiming KCR may move from Gajwel or he may contest parallelly in another constituency preferably Sangareddy.

TJS entry into mahakutami will not have a great  influence in the constituency.


But, alliance between TDP and Congress is turned as a threat to TRS as both the parties combined vote share in 2014 election was 52%, which was higher than TRS party’s 44%.


India’s famous news magazine The Week published an article saying Gajwel is not going to be an easy game for TRS as there is a displeasure among the people who got displaced due to the construction of Kondapochamma Sagar and Mallanna Sagar projects.


Deccan Chronicle has published a news item saying that Pratap Reddy has met Rahul Gandhi on Oct 29th and explained the congress situation in Gajwel. According to news reports, Rahul has asked Vanteru Pratap Reddy to beat KCR in his own bastion confirming the Reddy candidature.



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