Grand Alliance of Opposition on the cards ahead of AP Assembly polls

AP Assembly polls: While the YSR Congress appears formidable in the run-up or the 2024 elections, the TDP (Telugu Desam Party) and the JSP (Jana Sena Party), seem to be wishing for a united opposition that would include event the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) and the Reds.

On Sunday, Pawan Kalyan on Sunday spoke of a miracle to happen in 2024 polls on the lines of emergency when the diametrically opposite ideologies joined together.

The TDP grabbed power with a difference of only 1.63% votes in the 2014 polls with a poll alliance of the BJP and JSP but faced a defeat in the 2024 polls with 10% votes. Therefore, the TDP and the JSP are planning to restrain the split of anti-incumbency votes with the support of other opposition parties to defame Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government, repeating the results of the 2014 elections.

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu made a poll alliance with the BJP in the 2014 polls with the support of the JSP and came into power. Sensing the danger of anti-incumbency votes, CBN ditched poll toes with the Jana Sena, BJP, and Left parties but the plan was failed and lost in the 2019 elections.

ON Jana Sena Formation Day, Pawan Kalyan announced that he would not allow the splitting of the anti-incumbency votes to throw down the ruling YSRCP government by forming a poll alliance. Responding to Pawan Kalyan’s call, Chandrababu Naidu said the TDP was ready to make sacrifices from its side and gave indications about the proposal’s acceptance.

Interestingly, BJP AP president Somu Veerraju clarified that the BJP was against family parties and was not ready to make an alliance with the family-based regional parties.

However, YSRCP party leaders expressed confidence that there was no threat to the party with any mega alliance as their party has public support.