Welfare of Women, Backwards on Agenda as TMC Announces Tripura Committee Ahead of 2023 Polls

On Friday, the Tripura unit of the TMC (Trinamool Congress) announced a 132-member committee for the state, which is scheduled to go for elections in March 2023.

Former Bengal legislator Rajib Banerjee will continue as the Tripura state in charge and Subal Bhowmik as state president.

The six-member core committee includes Ashish Das, Bhriguram Reang, Sushmita Dev, Ashish Lal Singh, Mamon Khan, and Bhowmik.

This state committee follows the principles of the TMC party. To address the women-centric issues of the state, the committee has 27 women members. The party has also included 18 Scheduled Tribe members, 16 Scheduled Caste members, and 32 from OBC groups.

Trinamool’s newly formed committee for Tripura state also incorporated 14 representatives from the Muslim community.

The 132-member committee has eight vice-presidents, 5 general secretaries, 14 secretaries, 7 joint secretaries, and 72 executive members.

After having consolidated its position in West Bengal, the TMC has set its eyes on the Northeast states ahead of polls in Tripura, Meghalaya, and Nagaland next year.

The TMC emerged as the second-largest party in the AMC (Agartala Municipal Corporation) elections.